Review – Customer Support Disappoints Review

In this Review I write my experience with Paytm support, which I rate as extremely poor, my first ticket was answered after 3 days, there was no apology for the delay and the next response took 11 and 10 days to be answered. Please read below to understand why I have reached this conclusion which is quite contrary to what Paytm claims here

My affair with started back in June 2012, between then and now, I have used a total of 103 times. Since I began using Paytm, I was totally in love with the website, the ease of use, the clutter free minimalist design reminded me of another one of my favourite website, “”. For every recharge the only go to website was for me. I had also vouched for it over the years to a lot of friends.

I never had an issue with the website as I was informed about any delays in recharging and if the recharging failed, I would immediately be refunded my amount in Paytm cash which I could use for another recharge or withdraw it to my bank. Only recently, on the 7th of January 2014, I faced an issue in regards to logging in, the website would not allow me to login and I could not use the service, I however had some cash already in my Paytm account.

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Buying Embroidered Polo Shirts at – User Experience

Vistaprint India Review - Embroidered Polo Shirts 4

The last time I tried to get business cards printed at, it ended in up being a disaster of epic proportions until the head of customer support got involved and partly rectified the situation.

This time around, we were planning on setting up a shop at an upcoming event and I needed custom made shirts which were branded with my companies logo. I was cautious as to what the outcome of these shirt will be but as I knew that was running a promotion for Embroidered Polo Shirts for Rs. 325 for the white one and +Rs. 50 for any other colour which includes free delivery. I was all set to order a trial piece.

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Republic Day Deals 2014 – Online Sales Roundup

Republic Day Sales 2014

Every festival is seen as an opportunity by the retailers, be it online retailers or local retailers, the atmosphere create will be of the same kind. The consumer gets lured into the shops with banners and hoardings announcing a sale.

This Republic Day is no different. Below, I try to round up most of the online sales being offered by the retailers. The below are not individual deals, if you are look out for great deals, visit Rupeebot where the best deals are hand-picked.

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