GOSF | Great online Shopping Festival by Google on 12th December 2013

Great Online Shopping Festival by Google

Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that Google would be rushing in to lay foundations to exploit the emerging e-commerce market of India. Google has never been shy of trying out new markets or exploring new options to grab an early share of the market. It is also a known fact that, Google is never shy of closing these services down if they are not profitable to maintain.

Gosf.in is another such service. Great online shopping Festival by Google is all set to launch on the 12th of December 2013 and close on the same day itself. While everything is not clear as the website currently does not have an About us or a FAQ section which explain the intentions of the website, it can be vaguely established that Google has established associations with several or probably all of the retailers to provide a day where retailers will offer amazing deals. This a similar to the US custom of Black Friday sale or the UK custom of Boxing day sale. We will have to wait and see if this catches on in the Indian market.

To review this service now, would be judging a book by its cover. However, a quick browse through the deals section doesn’t reveal much value to the buyer. The biggest concern was #5 in the FAQ section which states

Worried about products being genuine?

Online retailers function just like other stores, just that their store is online. All products and brands are 100% genuine and come with detailed descriptions of the products provided.
While we agree that the above statement is true to an extent, we certainly cannot vouch for some products, a prime example being Pepperfry selling Ralph Lauren polos at Rs. 699 when their MRP is around Rs. 4000-5000. The above could be a very misleading and irresponsible statement coming from a eStalwart such as Google.

Great Online Shopping Festival by Google

Whilst browsing, we found Quickr in the participating websites section. Quickr is a platform to sell and buy, what kind of deal would it offer on the 12th of December. We have to wait and see.

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